Barrier Fungicidal Hoof Oil 500 Ml: Black

Fungicidal Hoof Oil

Fungicidal Hoof Oil is an excellent all year round anti-fungal,
anti-bacterial lubricant for maintenance of healthy feet, whilst giving
a professional high gloss for the show ring.

Strengthening Lubricant: Fungicidal Hoof Oil is a
fine strengthening lubricant that combined with natural coconut
derivatives makes it an ideal product for use on weak, brittle hooves,
splits and even sand cracks.

Contents: High grade Essential Oils, Natural Oils,
Vegetable Oils, Vegetable Emulsifier, Wheatgerm.

Directions for use: Pick out the feet ensuring you
go right into the gap between the frog and the bars (frog sulcus), where
bugs can thrive. Ensure the hooves are clean prior to applying hoof oil. 
well and apply with a brush to wet or dry hooves. Regular use on the
hoof wall, frog and sole will help to improve the quality of the horn
and act as a barrier and to protect against fungal contamination.

Dry, brittle hooves : During the summer months
Fungicidal Hoof Oil helps guard against dry, brittle, cracked and split

Fungal Conditions: During wetter conditions
Fungicidal Hoof Oil acts as a barrier and so helps to protect against
fungal and bacterial conditions and smelly frogs.

Won't seal the hooves: Protects without sealing
the hooves. It helps to maintain the natural moisture balance of healthy
hooves by allowing the hooves to breathe.

Pack Size: 500ml wide cap bottle which is
available in two colours, Black or Natural.

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