Collegiate Comfitec Sheepskin Bridle: Brown: Full

The Collegiate Comfitec Sheepskin Bridle features an anatomically shaped
headpiece for even pressure distribution across the poll for comfort and
shaped padding around the ears. Double padding over poll area minimises
pressure and shaped padding around the horse's ears allows for maximum
freedom and comfort. Ergonomically designed noseband that is shaped to
alleviate pressure of the upper jaw and molar teeth. Cheek strap and
padded cheek ring alleviates pressure of facial nerves for comfort.

The Collegiate Comfitec Sheepskin Bridle is made from high quality
European leather.

How to care for your Collegiate leatherwork:

  • We recommend you apply leather cream to your strapping before use.
    (Please ensure you are keeping the product before doing this,
    otherwise we will not be able to accept it back)
  • Sponge and wipe over after use – a glycerine based soap is highly
  • Do not over oil leather. This may affect the durability over time and
    increase the rish of stretching
  • We recommend leather strapping is stored in a cool dry area to allow

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