Eldonian Jointed Happy Mouth Dutch Gag: 5 inch – 125mm

Eldonian Jointed Happy Mouth Dutch Gag

The Happy Mouth Bits are made from hi-tech plastic moulded around a
stainless steel centre for added durability, and feature an apple scent
to help encourage acceptance of the bit, mouthing and help to improve
performance. The Happy Mouth Bits are warmer to the touch than
traditional stainless steel bits, making it ideal for younger horses or
horses with a sensitive mouth.

All horses mouths and tongues vary in size and shape, the bit must be
the correct size and type for your horse.

Bit Size Chart

XD Draught Horse 6.50 16.5cm
WB Warmblood 5.75 14.5cm
F Full Size (or Horse) 5.50 13.5cm
C Cob 5.00 12.5cm
A Arab 4.75 12.0cm
P Pony 4.50 11.5cm
SH Shetland 4.00 10.5cm
W Weanling 3.50   9.0cm
MP Mini Pony 3.00   7.5cm

To take these measurements, straighten the bit loosely and measure between
the inside edges of cheeks, eggbuts or ring holes.

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