Equi-Ping Safety Release: Purple

Equi-Ping is a safety tether release for horses and

Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or
to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard. Under normal
circumstances the Equi-Ping keeps the horse tethered safely and only
comes into play if the horse panics for some reason and pulls back
sharply. Equi-Ping is designed to 'ping' open at this point helping to
minimise potentially serious injuries if the horse continues to
struggle. The unique design has been robustly tested in a professional
racing yard to ensure its reliability and effectivness.

Directions for use: When tethering your horse, simply attach Equi-Ping
to the metal ring on your stable wall, horsebox or trailer then tie your
horse's leadrope to it. If your horse or pony panics and pulls back, the Equi-Ping
is designed to "ping" open when a certain stress point is reached to help
avoid injury to the horse. 

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