Equisafety Polite Quilted Reflective Leg Boots

These stylish Equisafety Polite Quilted Reflective Leg Boots can be
fitted over brushing boots. They are made from a strong and durable, yet
soft, fluorescent waterproof fabric with two 2" reflective bands
stitched on top of each boot. As they will invariably get very muddy, we
have made sure they can be popped into the washing machine, or into a
bucket of water time after time and still come out looking brand new.
When the horse wears them on all four legs, they look fantastic and best
of all, the movement of the legs really catches the driver?s eye. They
are one size because they are so adjustable. They can fit a 12.2hh with
brushing boots on and go up to a 18hh, just cut off the fastening you
don't use.

One pair per pack.

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