Global Herbs Clearout: 1Kg

For maintaining clear and comfortable bowels

ClearOut has a gentle and soothing action which
encourages the bowels to clear out food material and debris. ClearOut is
particularly useful if your horse is on sandy pastures or is eating
soil. Ideal for horses prone to constipation. If you
suspect your horse has colic always contact your vet.


  • Gentle & Soothing Action
  • Helps Clear Sand
  • Maintains Natural Balance


Psyllium, Holy Basil, Winter Cherry, Amla, Mango, Guduchi, Herbal


Feed 8 x 25ml level scoops daily for 5 days for an average 500kg horse.
Reduce to 2-4 scoops daily for maintenance levels. ClearOut can
be fed throughout the year.

Did you know?

Psyllium husks, which may also be called ispaghula, are sometimes used
in gluten-free baking. The husks help to bind access moisture and
produce a firmer, less crumbly bread or cakes!

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