Global Herbs IronAid 1 Litre

IronAid is a unique form of iron complexed with fulvic
acid. Iron is known to be highly important for normal red blood cells. IronAid’s high
absorbability helps with energy levels, performance and everyday
vitality. IronAid can be fed all year round for
horses that require a continued iron supplement. Suitable for all horses
and ponies.


  • Maintains Normal Red Blood Cells
  • Highly Absorbable Iron Source
  • Aids Energy Levels & Performance


Water, Iron Sulphate, Shilajit, Creat, Trailing Eclipta, Boerhaavia
Diffusa, Dudhi, Gale of the Wind, Neem, Country Mallow, Arjuna, Prickly
Chaff Flower, Rohituka Tree, Chebulic Myrobalan, Bitter Apple, Makoi,
Wild Indigo, Indian Fumitory, Mango


Feed 25ml daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount
for maintenance levels. IronAid can be fed
throughout the year.

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