Hypocare Wound & Skin Care: 250ml

Gentle Cleansing Spray

Instantly helps to soothe irritated skin.

Relief from scratching, stings and insect bites

Non-sting formula, safe for sensitive skin for Pet & Equine


Hypocare by Horseware® is a gentle cleansing spray that instantly helps
to soothe irritated skin and provides relief from scratching, stings and
insect bites. Its non-sting formula is safe even for sensitive skin.

A topical application that mirrors the body's own immune system, it
works naturally with the body to help to provide relief from scratching,
stings and bites, and to soothe irritated skin.

It's available in one easy to use bottle(250ml), perfect for keeping to
hand for your pets and horses.


You can use Hypocare on any mammal to help maintain healthy and
itch-free skin. It is safe if ingested, so you won't need to worry about
your pet licking the affected area. Best of all, Hypocare doesn't sting.
The formula emulates a skin pH, which means it works in harmony with the

Because Hypochlorous is a chemical that the body produces naturally, it
is a non-toxic, non-sensitising, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral
solution and is safe to use around eyes and other sensitive areas.
Unlike antibiotics where overuse has resulted in resistance, pathogens
cannot become resistant to Hypochlorous.

Hypocare by Horseware® contains none of the banned substances
disapproved by the FEI.


The active ingredient in Hypocare by Horseware® is Hypochlorous acid,
which is produced naturally by the body's own immune system. When a
wound or infection occurs in the body, neutrophils, a type of white
blood cell, are deployed to the site of infection. The neutrophils then
engulf the invading pathogen and produce Hypochlorous acid which kills
the bacteria.

Hypochlorous acid is between 80-300 times more effective at killing
pathogens than hypochlorite or bleach. Although its disinfecting powers
are unrivalled, it is kind to healthy tissue and has a skin neutral pH,
so it won't slow down healing.

It has long been acknowledged that Hypochlorous is highly effective at
killing a wide range of micro-organisms, is safe for users and has no
environmental implications – unlike traditional chemical sanitisers or
disinfectants. Until now, it was not possible to produce high strength
Hypochlorous with a shelf life of more than a few hours.

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