Just Fi Block 4x 1kg – Alfablend

Simple- compressed forage in a 1kg block.

Natural boredom breaker and feed all rolled into one feed block.
Fi-block is made by compressing forage that is full of fibre and
goodness into a compact block, no added sugars, molasses or additives,
simply natural forage. Feeding Fi-blocks emulates a horses natural
instinct to graze, whilst keeping a stabled horse entertained for longer.

Horses bite and chew on Fi-blocks which is great for helping to maintain
healthy teeth and gums. Alternatively Fi-blocks make a hydrating moist
chop when soaked in a bucket filled with approx. 4 litres of water, a
convenient feed especially if travelling or on holiday with your horse.

no additives or molasses

compact easy to handle 1kg blocks

high fibre

low in natural sugars

encourages healthy teeth and gums

boredom breaker

can be used as a partial forage replacer

hydrating chop feed when soaked

Just Fi-block Alfablend

  • Nutritious fibre feed block

  • Suitable for horses in work or requiring extra calories from fibre

  • Low in natural sugars
  • No additives or molasses
  • For use as a partial forage replacer, treat or top-up to diet
  • Good for horses or ponies stabled for long periods of time

Instructions for use
Alfablend just fi-block is a
complementary feed for horses and ponies. Feed up to 4 alfablend
fi-blocks per day as a partial forage replacer, treat or top up to the
daily diet. Feed from the ground or feed bucket. Fi-blocks can be soaked
in approx. 4 litres of water to feed moist. Ensure clean fresh water is
available at all times.

Alfalfa (high temperature dried), Fescue
grass (high temperature dried)
Store in cool, dry place away from
direct sunlight.
Best before date: Manufacture date +12 months (see
outer packaging)

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