Korsteel JP Curve Sweet Iron Full Cheek Snaffle: 5 Inch-

The Korsteel JP Curve Sweet Iron Full Cheek Snaffle has a unique metal
designed to encourage salivation & acceptance of the bit.

Sweet iron is used to promote salivation and acceptance of the bit due
to the 'sweet' taste in the horse's mouth when the metal oxidises. Some
rusting may occur when not in use, a light coating of oil during storage
will prevent this.

All horses mouths and tongues vary in size and shape, the bit must be
the correct size and type for your horse.

Bit Size Chart

XD Draught Horse 6.50 16.5cm
WB Warmblood 5.75 14.5cm
F Full Size (or Horse) 5.50 13.5cm
C Cob 5.00 12.5cm
A Arab 4.75 12.0cm
P Pony 4.50 11.5cm
SH Shetland 4.00 10.5cm
W Weanling 3.50 ??9.0cm
MP Mini Pony 3.00 ??7.5cm

To take these measurements, straighten the bit loosely and measure between
the inside edges of cheeks, eggbuts or ring holes.

About JP

JP Bits by Korsteel provide ultimate communication between you and your
horse. John Patterson (JP), world-renowned trainer and jockey developed
the curved bar design to enhance performance by facilitating utmost
comfort for your horse.

Unlike a standard jointed snaffle's nearly straight mouthpiece, JP bits
have a curved shape that eliminates the interference that conventional
bits can cause. All JP bits feature curved bars that prevent the bit
from hitting the roof of the horse's mouth and eliminate the
nutcracker-like action that can pinch a horse's tongue.

Korsteel products are proven performers for all levels of training and
competition. Korsteel products are crafted from materials of the highest
quality and are available in a variety of styles.

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