Korsteel Pelham Mullen Mouth: 4.5 Inch

The Korsteel Stainless Steel Mullen Mouth Pelham is a simple, effective
bit for horses who require a bit more leverage. The Pelham bit functions
like a one piece bradoon and curb bit, allowing for a snaffle rein on
the large ring at the bit end, and a curb rein on the end of the shank.
The action of the curb will bring the horses head down through pressure
on the jaw, poll and bars of the mouth. Pressure on the snaffle rein is
milder, allowing the horse to bring his head up and forward. A curb
chain is used under the jaw to prevent the curb rein from over rotating
the bit. A lip strap can be attached to the lower slots. Rider's with
good hands can use the bridle with a double rein, or a Pelham converter
can be attached for use with a single rein. The Pelham is a good choice
for schooling stronger horses as you have the option of varying the
pressure in response to resistance.

  • Stainless steel mullen mouthpiece
  • 5.5" shanks
  • Stainless steel curb chain included
  • Can be used with double reins or a converter can be attached for
    single rein use
  • A good choice for horses who are uncomfortable in the double bridle
  • Frequently used for hunting, polo, some hunter classes and eventing

All horses mouths and tongues vary in size and shape, the bit must be
the correct size and type for your horse.

Bit Size Chart

XD Draught Horse 6.50 16.5cm
WB Warmblood 5.75 14.5cm
F Full Size (or Horse) 5.50 13.5cm
C Cob 5.00 12.5cm
A Arab 4.75 12.0cm
P Pony 4.50 11.5cm
SH Shetland 4.00 10.5cm
W Weanling 3.50   9.0cm
MP Mini Pony 3.00   7.5cm

To take these measurements, straighten the bit loosely and measure between
the inside edges of cheeks, eggbuts or ring holes.

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