Nettex Coat Shine: 200ml

Nettex Coat Shine is a multi-purpose, long lasting, non-oily coat
dressing that provides a stunning high shine finish.

Nettex Coat Shine is a premium quality formulation that seals and coats
the hair. Very economical as a little goes a long way.

  • Ultimate coat dressing that produces a stunning high shine finish.
  • Non-oily formulation that seals and coats hair repelling dust, dirt.
  • Used on a regular basis can prevent stable and grass stains from
    becoming in-ground, especially through the winter.
  • Can be applied to all colours and coat types, long lasting formula.

Made in the UK.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • For best results, prewash manes and tails with Nettex Everyday
    Conditioning Shampoo to remove any build-up of dirt, debris and grease
    before applying.
  • If horse or pony is a native breed Nettex No Scurf shampoo is ideal to
    use as a prewash for a really deep clean.
  • Brush away any excess dust and dirt from the coat before application.
  • Spray over the horse’s neck and body evenly taking care not to
    saturate the coat and allow to dry for a few minutes.
  • Avoid applying to saddle area of the horse.


Key ingredients: An aqueous blend containing conditioners and

Expert Advice:

  • Nettex Coat Shine is ideal to use as a pre-clipping spray when applied
    to a clean coat to reduce clipping lines. Clipper blades will still
    need to be oiled.
  • Ideal to use in winter under rugs & neck covers to avoid rubbing to
    shoulders, neck, mane and hips.
  • If riding under saddle be careful not to apply to saddle area as may
    cause slipping.

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