Nettex Hoof Puncture Plus: 300ml

Nettex Hoof Puncture Plus is a highly efficient cleanser to help clean
and sanitise minor puncture wounds in the feet.

Nettex Hoof Puncture Plus contains powerful antibacterial and antiseptic
agents to clean and sanitise minor puncture wounds in the feet.

  • Instantly removes dirt and debris.
  • Within minutes of application a synthetic, breathable skin forms which
    can last for up to 48 hours and can help to protect the sole.
  • Direct and accurate application – no wastage.

Made in the UK.

Directions for Use

  • Clean the area with Nettex Veterinary Surgical Scrub and dry
    thoroughly before application. Shake well before use. Attach nozzle
    before spraying for more localised application and then hold the
    hoof up for a few minutes to allow penetration.


Key ingredients: Powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agents.

Expert Advice from Nettex

  • Nettex All Purpose Animal Dressing can be applied as a hot, cold or
    dry dressing and is an effective aid to the management of minor
    puncture wounds and is suitable for use in conjunction with Nettex
    Hoof Puncture Plus.
  • After healing has occurred, use Nettex Hoof Tar to help seal and
    protect the sole.

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