Nettex Tasty Treats Carrot: 650g


Delicious, mouth-watering, natural carrot flavoured hand held treat that
can be used to reward good behaviour, help with training, or distract
when there is a temptation to fidget.

Nettex Tasty Treats Carrot Cake is a delicious natural carrot flavour
that your horse will love.

Nettex Tasty Treats can be used to reward good behaviour, help with
training, distract a horse when there’s a temptation to fidget or simply
for owners to show their horses how much they care. They can also be
used for stretching exercises to keep your horse supple. Available in
three delicious natural flavours Mellow Mint, Apple Blush and Carrot

Made in the UK.

Directions for use:

Remove lid and offer to horse or pony to lick to distract or reward. For
stretching exercises they can be used to help the horse or pony with
neck stretching from side or to stretch the horse’s topline. Always
start slowly, gradually lowering or moving the lick for your horse to
reach, until you get to the desired stretching position.

Recommended daily intake: As a guide, expected daily intake is up to
100g, depending on frequency, period of use and amount of hard feed,
forage & grazing available. Avoid overconsumption.


Contains only natural colours and flavouring.

Expert Advice:

  • In hot weather Nettex Tasty Treats can be put in the freezer before
    offering to the horse or pony as this will be refreshing horse and
    also slow down consumption.
  • Ideal to simply use as a treat after exercise or to reward.
  • Can be used regularly for stretching exercises to help keep your horse
    or pony supple.
  • Excellent training aid to help distract during times of stress –
    farrier, vet, clipping and trimming and loading.

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