Nettex Tastylyx Apple: 600G

Delicious, mouth-watering, natural apple flavoured treat designed to be
hung in the stable. Ideal to reward, or alleviate boredom during periods
of stabling.

Nettex Tastylyx Apple is a delicious natural apple flavour that your
horse will love.

Nettex Tastylyx fit into a standard hanging lick holder and are the
ideal treat to help alleviate boredom during periods of stabling to help
prevent the onset of stable vices. Nettex Tastylyx provide a new source
of feeding and activity which will help stimulate and engage your
horse’s mind.

They are simple to remove from their packaging and are available in
three delicious natural flavours Mint, Apple and Carrot.

Made in the UK.

Directions for use:

Remove lid, turn tub upside down and tap on a firm, even surface so the
lick slides out. Remove central insert before hanging from a holder
(Tastylyx will fit standard holders). Tastylyx are designed to be hung
freely away from a solid surface to avoid over consumption.

Not intended for human consumption.


Contains only natural colours and flavouring.

Expert Advice:

  • In hot weather Tastylyx can be put in the freezer before hanging. This
    will be refreshing for the horse but also slow down consumption.
  • Change between flavours to keep your horse interested.

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