Nettex VIP Ulsa Shield 2kg

Nettex VIP Ulsa Shield 2kg offers a unique nutritional blend supporting
gastric health.

  • Supports normal acid levels and soothes the stomach lining. 
  • Also contains pre and probiotics to support a healthy gastric
  • Results visible from 5 Days. 
  • Sugar free.

Ulsa Shield is an advanced, sugar free formula containing a unique blend
of ingredients to maintain gastric health, soothe the stomach walls and
support normal acid levels. Ulsa Shield is Vet Approved and is ideal to
feed following veterinary treatment to help maintain a healthy gastric
environment. Results visible from 5 days.

Benefits of Ulsa Shield:

  • PROBIOTICS (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) – To support gastric health.
  • PREBIOTICS – Diamond V, a unique prebiotic that has a positive effect
    on nutrient digestibility, FOS to support normal acid levels, plus
    MOS, Psyllium and Brewer’s Yeast.
  • LIMESTONE FLOUR – To support normal acid levels.
  • RICE BRAN OIL – To support gastric health in the glandular region of
    the stomach.
  • ALFALFA MEAL – Naturally high in calcium to support normal acid levels.
  • LINSEED MEAL – Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • HERBAL EXTRACTS – Yucca, Fenugreek and Ginseng to support gastric
  • VITAMINS & TRACE ELEMENTS – To support overall health, vitality and
  • SUGAR FREE – Highly palatable formula.

The lifestyle of modern horses can predispose them to stress and poor
gastric health. Ulsa Shield is the ideal gastric supplement which can be
fed continually to achieve healthy performance in the stomach.

Made in the UK.

Directions for Use

Horses up to 500kg

Loading rate: Feed 25g twice a day for 3 days

Maintenance rate: Feed 25g daily

Horses over 500kg

Loading rate: Feed 35g twice a day for 3 days

Maintenance rate: Feed 35g daily

Ponies up to 300kg

Loading rate: Feed 25g twice a day for 3 days

Maintenance rate: Feed 15g daily

Please Note: Can also be fed at a concentrated level on the lead up to a
stressful situation (e.g. travelling or competition) 3 days prior and
for 3 days afterwards at the stated loading rate.


Key Ingredients: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Diamond V, Brewers Yeast,
FOS, MOS, Psyllium, Limestone flour, Rice bran oil, Linseed meal,
Alfalfa meal, Yucca, Fenugreek, Ginseng, plus vitamins and trace

Contains no added sugar.

Expert Advice

All V.I.P.® products are formulated using our three core principles:


Your horse will be more calm, relaxed and focused. Improved
concentration and calmness will aid wellbeing and performance.  Results
will be visible from 5 days.


Unique and innovatively blended bioavailable V.I.P. formulation of
natural casein and chelated magnesium for their recognised rapid and
prolonged effect. Casein is a natural milk protein that has recognised
calmative properties and chelated magnesium is well known to be highly
effective. Vet developed and approved.


Improved wellbeing for your horse. Reducing stress will make your horse
happier, be less likely to develop behavioural problems and vices and be
able to perform to the best of their ability. Feed Keep Kalm and carry
on enjoying your more relaxed horse.

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