Poultice & 4 Cohesive Bandages

VetSet PolDress Animal Poultice Dressing

PolDress is a highly absorbent, multi-layeredand impregnated dressing
making it the preferred choice of many veterinarians.

PolDress contains a mild anti-septic, BoricAcid, to minimise the risk of
infection andpromote the healing process. For maximum effect, the
PolDress should be impregnated with water. This will activate the
Tragacanth, a poulticing agent, which will help draw outinfected wounds.
Each PolDress poultice is wrapped individually to ensure a clean
dressing is immediately available.

Coflex Cohesive Bandages

Co-Flex is another excellent cohesive bandage from Andover. Similar to

It is easily applied, sticks only to itself and allows skin to breathe.
It does not constrict, yet holds well even when stretched. Perfect for a
running bandage, leg wrap or tail wraps. Contains 3 of each of the
following colours: red, blue, purple, neon green and neon pink.

This combo pack contains:

1x VetSet PolDress Animal Poultice Dressing

4x Coflex Cohesive Bandages in assorted colours

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