Sealtex Latex Bandage Bit Tape

Sealtex Bit Wrap Latex Bandage is originally designed as a leg wrap for
race track horses (future Event horses) but doubles as a pretty
effective bit wrap for broken rubber bits. Sealtex bit wrap is made of
pure latex so if your horse or you have a latex allergy, sealtex latex
bit wrap might not be the best solution for you.

  • Originally designed as a leg wrap, doubles as a bit wrap
  • Made of pure latex
  • Won’t absorb water (or mouth slime)
  • Surface does not attract mud or dirt (more applicable for a leg wrap
    but useful for a bit wrap)
  • Sealtex sticks to itself really well and stays in place
  • Smooth and soft, lasts a long time when used for bit repair
  • Low profile, won’t add much bulk to your bit

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