Shires EQUI-FLECTOR Hat Cover: Pink

Top off your brightest 'be seen' outfit with an EQUI-FLECTOR® hat cover
to stay as visible as possible in poor light conditions or when road
riding. Brightly coloured with reflective stars.

Regardless of the time of day, time of year or prevailing weather
conditions it is imperative that horse and rider remain as visible as
possible. Riders and horses should use fluorescent/reflective clothing
when riding on or off the road. When riding on the road a rider wearing
hi viz will be seen by drivers up to three seconds sooner than someone
without. Horse and rider garments should be clean, securely fastened and
unobstructed. For best results, garments must be kept as clean as
possible and in top condition. It is recommended that garments be
carefully stored away between use to reduce contact with dirt and thus
the frequency of washing which can fade fabrics over time. See inner
garment label for full washing instructions.

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